Over the years, Jozef Hermans Industrial Movers has made a name for itself as an industrial removals specialist in diverse industries and sectors. In situations where a normal crane can easily run up against its limits, our equipment allows us to release heavy machines from almost impossible situations and replace them again.

We are the preferred removals partner for small and large companies, many of which operate worldwide. 

We understand better than anyone else how challenging a removal project can be in certain industries, particularly if it involves a loss of production or disturbance of ongoing production. As we have been active in various markets and sectors for so long, we have continued to hone our approach and our equipment over the years to industry-specific needs. 

Jozef Hermans Industrial Movers is active in the following industries, among others: 

  • printing industry; 
  • cardboard manufacturing industry;
  • metal forming industry;
  • metal cutting industry;
  • machine assembly;
  • automotive;
  • food sector;
  • medical industry; 
  • cleanroom industry;
  • plastics industry;
  • civil engineering;
  • (petro)chemical
De keurmerken van Jozef Hermans
Jozef Hermans Industrial Movers