Our employees know exactly what can be done using our high-end equipment. To carry out your project successfully, we have our own:

  • electrically driven, remote-controlled forklift trucks;
  • electrically driven, remote-controlled pick & carry cranes;
  • electrically driven, remote-controlled mini cranes; 
  • telescopic hydraulic gantry systems;
  • jacking systems;
  • ventilation systems;
  • machine rollers and platform trailers;
  • skid systems;
  • exceptional transport tractors;
  • open exceptional transport trailers;
  • covered exceptional transport trailers;
  • project (dis)assembly containers;
  • large assortment of steel plates, elephant-foot elements, hardwood, etc.

Should our equipment be insufficient to carry out your project, we can call on our extensive network of crane hire, transport and assembly companies.

De keurmerken van Jozef Hermans
Jozef Hermans Industrial Movers