120-tonne hydraulic metal press relocated

Jozef Hermans recently moved a 120-tonne press over a distance of 60 km. Included in the scope of this project were internal moving, tilting, loading, exceptional transport, unloading, tilting upright and installing the press. The choice of who to instruct went to Jozef Hermans because a combination of knowledge, experience, good and tight planning and the right equipment meant that Jozef Hermans was able to complete this project in just two days!

400-tonne press moved to turkey

Jozef Hermans has various gantry lifting systems for tilting hydraulic presses. This 400-tonne Dieffenbacher press was removed by Jozef Hermans and prepared for transport.

60-tonne press

Disassembling a press and preparing it for transport

ssembly of milling machine

Assembling an enormous Soraluce column milling machine – the column alone weighed over 30 tonnes! Jozef Hermans installed the large parts.

Buehler injection moulding machine

The task was to unload and install a Buehler aluminium injection moulding machine weighing 46.5 tonnes into a pit. What set this job apart was the fact that the concrete for the machine foundation had only been placed one week before. This meant that the space for setting down our gantry lifting system was very limited.

Constructing and dismantling reach trucks

Jozef Hermans carries out lifting work when constructing and dismantling reach trucks between warehouse locations. Warehouses are often accessible only via the loading dock, and with the right lifting equipment. This type of work needs to be carried out in a controlled, safe way and with no exhaust gas emissions. 

After having used our new Enerpac SL400 gantry on a number of relatively simple jobs, we were recently able to use it to carry out the "real" work: disassembling and assembling a heavy hydraulic APT press weighing 240 tonnes in total. A new milestone for our business!!!


This production line consisted of six processing stations, including the 240,000 kg hydroform press. In this project, Jozef Hermans took care of the complete disassembly and all stages of the shipping process, with the aim of reassembling the complete line in China.

Factory relocation involving high-end coating machines

Electrically driven equipment, safety, efficiency and exceptional transport under a canopy were the reasons given by Ionbond in Venlo for choosing Jozef Hermans as their factory removals specialist. Ionbond’s high-end machines were relocated from the old location to the new premises with the utmost precision and to the full satisfaction of the customer.

Ferry salvaging

Jozef Hermans on water? Absolutely! This was in order to salvage a ferry dating from 1890. The compartments of this old ferry were completely flooded with water. To empty the compartments, we had to lift up the 25-tonne ferry, which was not possible from the waterside.

Furnace transport

A prime example of exceptional transport: too long, too wide and extremely heavy!

These three furnaces were transported from the production site to the harbour in Venlo and loaded onto the ship.


Helmut Clemens

Mr Clemens senior and Mr Clemens junior chose Jozef Hermans to relocate their machinery because of Jozef Hermans’ flexibility and ability to disturb their production as little as possible. Their machinery, which consisted exclusively of MAZAK lathes and milling machines, was transferred to their new business premises over the course of a few days. Jozef Hermans took care of moving and anchoring the machines.

Inspection of 80 mw generator

Jozef Hermans’ heated warehouses are ideally suited to inspection and overhaul work. We have all the lifting equipment you might need to lift weights of up to 200 tonnes. The photos show the inspection of the anchor of a Kraftwerk Union generator. The two generators each weigh 120 tonnes in total.

Keep on rolling!

In a rolling machine, rollers are used to bend steel into a certain shape. Jozef Hermans replaced the old roller (55 tonnes), which was intended for a separate branch in Poland, with a new roller (85 tonnes) from Sweden.

Large-scale maintenance of galvanizing plant

Jozef Hermans assists various galvanizing businesses established in Europe with replacing the zinc pan. Jozef Hermans recently replaced a pan weighing a huge 100 tonnes in total. The pan had dimensions of 16.5 x 2.5 x 3.2 m (lxbxh).

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