Looking back

After having used our new Enerpac SL400 gantry on a number of relatively simple jobs, we were recently able to use it to carry out the "real" work: disassembling and assembling a heavy hydraulic APT press weighing 240 tonnes in total. A new milestone for our business!!!

Machine transport to brazil

For a bauxite mine in Brazil, Jozef Hermans carried out the complete transport of heavy machines ex-factory. Jozef Hermans provided the exceptional transport, temporary storage and heavy lifting of the machines. This shipment consisted of 256 crates, the heaviest of which weighed 55 tonnes (see photo).

Moving measuring tables

Moving precision instruments such as measuring tables calls for a tailored and careful approach. Moreover, measuring tables are often in relatively small "cleanroom" environments. The 4.5-tonne measuring table shown in the images was moved from Eersel to Roermond (both in the Netherlands).

Overhaul of Siemens v94.2 power station

Jozef Hermans carried out the full logistical and storage operations involved in the inspection and overhaul of two power stations. The heaviest parts weighed 142 tonnes.

Placing overhead crane

Placing a 6.3-tonne overhead crane involves the use of an electrically driven, radio-controlled 10-tonne forklift truck. Every manoeuvre is remotely controlled in a safe, steady and hassle-free way.

Precision job involving Dunkes press

In this large-scale job involving extreme precision, there was only 1 cm remaining between the top of this 55-tonne press and the rafters after the production machine was moved to an upright position!

rapid action

A 60-tonne press which became available at Gagenau (Germany), and the production backlog at ADM Pressings (Newcastle, UK), recently gave rise to a very quick and risk-free project. The press was transported in such a way that hardly any assembly/disassembly was needed.

Relocation of Kupron in Sittard

The relocation of Kupron in Sittard was recently completed. Kupron moved from its previous site to a new location 10 km away. A total of 25 machines and 2 indoor cranes were moved. The largest Stork injection moulding machine weighed 153,000 kg.

Stamping machine transport

If you are looking to transport a cardboard stamping machine and corresponding printing presses, you are in the right place! We have over 35 years of experience in this extremely specialized branch of machine transport and our operating territory extends throughout the whole of Europe. In the photos, you can see the installation of a 49-tonne stamping machine near Frankfurt (Germany). 

Sunday press transport

Jozef Hermans transports, provides temporary storage, and installs oversized components of offset printing lines. Jozef Hermans has the skilled personnel, professional and specialized equipment and knowhow needed to complete complex assembly projects with the required precision. In the photos you can see the transport and installation of an Ecoweb dryer (part of a Sunday Press) in the north of France.

Uniport 6000 installation

The exceptional transport and installation of large portal machining centres is one of Jozef Hermans’ specialisms. This project involved the placement of a Uniport 6000 from Unisign. The total weight of this metalworking machine was 52 tonnes. As Jozef Hermans only uses electrically driven equipment, any inconvenience caused by the machine installation is kept to a minimum.

Which way up do you want your press?

Recently, Jozef Hermans moved an 82-tonne press in the Sauerland (Germany). To reach the final destination, it was necessary to lift the press nine times, and to tip it over on four of these occasions. This specific large-scale job was completed in just two days.

De keurmerken van Jozef Hermans