Jozef Hermans specializes in industrial removals of individual production machines, production lines and complete factories. This includes moving machines internally as well as relocating production sites within the Netherlands and abroad. We even take all the work out of your hands if you need to move your machines overseas. We quickly get in touch with external parties such as shipping companies, carriers and customs authorities.

Our equipment is compact and can be transported in regular containers, meaning that we can use it anywhere in the world. We have unique heavy lifting apparatus which is electrically driven and usually operated by radio control. This means that we do not need any cumbersome crane structures in order to lift and move your heavy machines and/or objects. The big advantage this offers you is that we need relatively little space so, for example, the roof of your working space does not have to be lifted up. 

Over the years, we have gained a lot of experience in moving machines in their entirety. Even though disassembly is common in our industry, we prefer to avoid the piece-by-piece transportation of carefully calibrated machines running in production lines. We have the technical knowledge and equipment to remove your machine in pieces which are as large as possible. This requires thorough preparations and close collaboration with your machine installers before the project begins. But in the end our approach yields results. It allows us to work faster and more efficiently. Your machine will be less affected by the process and will be ready to use again sooner. 

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