Inventiveness is in our DNA. Our smart and efficient way of carrying out removal projects means that we can save you time and money. We analyse your situation and adapt our approach and equipment to suit it, so that your project has the shortest possible lead time.

We carry out all of our industrial removal projects using modern, electrically driven equipment. This puts us at the forefront of the (industrial) removals industry in the Netherlands. Our employees have received both internal and external training and know how to make the best possible use of the opportunities provided by our innovative lifting equipment.  

Of course, we occasionally come across situations in practice where we are unable to offer sufficient freedom of movement or capacity with our own machinery. Even in these cases, you can still rely on Jozef Hermans Industrial Movers. We will do whatever it takes to solve your problem, including hiring additional equipment if necessary, or using extra tools which we develop and produce in house, specifically for your situation.


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Jozef Hermans Industrial Movers