When it comes to safety, we make no concessions. Our people have the professional qualifications, knowledge, experience and resources needed to carry out your order safely from beginning to end. The equipment and tools we use to do this are of course CE-certified and are regularly inspected.

The Jozef Hermans Industrial Movers team consists of competent individuals with extensive experience in the field of complex industrial removals. They are aware of the safety rules and regulations which apply in a factory environment, they wear the required personal protective equipment, they are always looking out for potential risks and they work in a safety-conscious manner. 

Every employee at Jozef Hermans Industrial Movers has the required qualifications, including:  

  • SCC certification;
  • driver’s diploma;
  • forklift certificate;
  • crane licence;
  • rigger certificate;
  • certificate for operating telescopic hydraulic gantry systems;
  • certificate for operating aerial access platforms.


De keurmerken van Jozef Hermans
Jozef Hermans Industrial Movers